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Polyline Partners with DriveSavers to Save Your Data when the Worst Happens to Your Hard Drive

Polyline prides itself in providing absolutely the best and safest hard drives for audio and video applications. But even the best 3-year factory warranty is protecting your equipment, not your data. In our industry, your data isn't just your livelihood, it's your life's work.

When you work on location, anything can happen:
  • Your hard drive could crash
  • It could fall out of a boat
  • A truck could run over it
  • You could accidentally delete your files
So, what do you do when the worst happens?You do what you would in any emergency. Stay calm and call the experts.

Polyline, through a special agreement with DriveSavers Data Recovery Inc., can provide you with a fast, reliable and secure solution to your data loss at a special, discounted price. Visit DriveSavers and use our special discount code: 25716. (This is called the DS ID# on DiscSaver's forms.) In addition to a 10% discount off the regular price, DriveSavers will waive its $200 "Attempt Fee." Which means, if they can't recover your data, they'll return your drive and you pay nothing.

Plus, they can recover data from damaged tape, laptops, desktop computers, iPhones, iPads, SDHC/CF/USB drives and more.

Check out for more information and to check out the Hard Drive Simulator. You can learn more about how a hard drive works, about DriveSavers and the symptoms (and sounds) of serious hard drive issues.

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