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Customer Reward Program

Enroll in Polyline's popular Earn Money 2 Burn (EM2B) reward program and earn 2% back on all your CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, disc packaging, ink cartridge or thermal ribbon purchases in the form of EM2B Dollars. Your EM2B$ can be used to purchase a new disc publisher, printer, duplicator/tower or warranty — any brand or model that we sell!

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Many of our customer are already trading their EM2B$ for valuable disc publishing equipment and extended warranties.

EM2B participants can also receive exclusive discounts and incentives through our EM2B email updates.

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We learned about the Earn Money 2 Burn program early in the year, probably March or April, and got on board almost immediately.

This also happened to coincide with our season of higher demand. We make CDs and DVDs of our conferences, both on site and later for our corporate store.

I like this program and we're looking forward to utilizing it again. We were able to accumulate enough in just our first year to help us with our printer purchase.

- Clay N.

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