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Save Time by Saving Your Polyline Shopping Cart

A Polyline customer recently commented:

I really like Polyline! I keep ordering the same items and quantities every order. I wish I could just select items from the previous order and not have to go back into the site to add things to the cart.


If, like Jimmie, you order the same items over and over, you'll like our "Save My Cart" feature.

Log in to your account and fill up your shopping cart as you normally would. Before checking out, look at the top right of your shopping cart (right above the "Quick Item Add" box). You should see two buttons, one labeled "Save my Cart" and the other is "Retrieve Cart."

Save your cart and give it a name that makes it easy to recall the contents of your cart. You can save as many carts as you like, just give each one a different name.

Next time you need to place an order, just log in, go to the shopping cart page and select "retrieve cart." One word of advice, if you are placing an order that consists of a saved shopping cart plus some additional items, load the saved shopping cart first. Loading a shopping cart will overwrite anything that's already in your cart.

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