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Eco Case Review #1: A Duplicator's Perspective

Our first reviewer has submitted their findings on Polyline's Eco Case. This review comes from a digital media services company on the East Coast. This company provides a variety of services from disc duplication and video Web streaming to photography and videography services.

The case itself is solid, as solid as a full case without holes in it. The only thing we noticed is, on our photo inserts (which is made of thinner stock), you can see a little bit of the round cutout as an impression on the paper itself.

This makes sense because to trap the insert properly, it needs to be a pretty tight fit or it would look sloppy. Again, on the heavier stock, we didn't notice this as much, but only on the thinner stock. Perhaps it was also because we were looking for this? I'm not sure.

The cases are as durable as a full case, so no issues there. And would ship for less money since they are lighter but I wouldn't recommend them for a commercial release of a product where the insert is a nice lightweight glossy.

Anyway, that's just our two cents.

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