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Making Your Stock Packaging Stand Out (Part 2)

Last month, polyNEWSline asked readers what they do to make their stock media packaging stand out from the competition. Our favorite suggestion came from Brandon Kassal in Ontario. Brandon writes:

One thing I've done is to use DVD packaging for a CD product - for example, put an audio CD into a slim clear DVD box, which gives you the larger DVD-sized trapsheet and booklet for your artwork, liner notes, etc. This makes your CD project stand out from all the other CDs that your customers are seeing.
Thank you to everyone who participated. (You can still join the discussion on this topic. Use this form, to share your ideas.)
This month's packaging inspiration is the new Scope Outlast bottle that was featured on

According to, studies have shown that people tend to keep mouthwash in their medicine cabinet. Brand managers at Scope speculated that if the bottle design was more attractive, people would be more inclined to leave the bottle out on the counter in full view. Thus, they would be more likely to use the product twice a day.

It brings to mind one of Polyline's own customers, "BeMitt" (a mitt designed to help women with self breast examinations). The BeMitt is stored in an attractive, polystyrene jewel box and the insert includes detailed instructions on how to properly perform a self breast exam as well as
general information on breast cancer.

The tasteful packaging is discrete enough that women would feel comfortable leaving the product out in their bedroom. The informative insert card also ensures that women are using the product effectively.
Product packaging has a strong influence on how consumers will use the product it contains. What strategies do you employ with your stock media packaging to influence how your customers use your product? Fill out the form on this page to share your ideas.

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