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Epson PP-100 Discproducer CD/DVD Publisher

Epson PP-100 Discproducer
Using six colors instead of the common four, it delivers the highest print quality available in its class for crisp, clear text and vibrant graphics at up to 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution.
More information:

EPP100DP-1 for $2,995.

Inkjet Cartridge Refills for Epson PP-100 Discproducer

Discproducer OEM cartridges
Six-cartridge set containing Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow and Black high capacity cartridges. More information:

EPP100ISET-1, as low as $230.15/set

Wine Thermal Ribbon

Primera OEM ribbon - wine
OEM replacement thermal ribbon for Primera's Inscripta disc printer. Wine-color ribbon yields approximately 700 discs. More information:

TPRIMW-1, as low as $28.50/piece

Silver WaterShield CD-Rs

Watershield Silver

Watersheild Discs are now available in silver. Finish is "pearly" but still very white. From Taiyo Yuden, the inventor of the CD-R, WaterShield discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches. More information:

TY8052SIHWS-50 , as low as $.61/disc

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