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6 Ways to Save Money with Polyline

To give a helping hand to our customers, we've compiled a short list of 5 money-saving ideas. The primary focus is saving money with Polyline on media and media packaging, but many of the ideas can work in other areas.

1. Check out the clearance section and get creative.
Sometimes we discontinue a specific color of packaging because it just wasn't as popular as we expected it to be. Sometimes we're able to get a really good price on a limited number of items. Shaking up your product packaging and artwork will keep your product looking fresh. It also gives you the opportunity to capitalize on overstocked and discontinued items.

2. Subscribe to polyNEWSline and other marketing emails.
You already know about the exclusive discounts offered in polyNEWSline. And, when we're starting a new sale or rebate program, we try to offer it through our newsletter first.

3. Combine your orders. Instead of purchasing three cartons of products a month, purchase six cartons every two months and capitalize on volume discounts.

4. Make your own co-op. Check with a neighboring business to see if you use similar products. Combine your orders to capitalize on volume discounts and reduced shipping costs.

5. If you need to purchase equipment (like a disc printer or publisher), call and ask if there are any sales or rebates available.
Sometimes manufacturers give out bonus discounts and incentives to their biggest and best resellers (like Polyline). When manufacturers selectively give out these incentives, the reseller is specifically instructed not to advertise them. If our sales staff knows you're in the market for an item, they can call you when these "secret" discounts become available.

6. Order online. If you're placing an order for less than $100, place your order online to avoid the small order fee. Another benefit to ordering online is our "save shopping cart" feature, which saves time for our customers who regularly order the same items. You can save up to five different shopping carts and name them.

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