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You Decide - We'll Provide

About two years ago, when Polyline's DVD packaging category really started to expand, we adopted a Good-Better-Best rating system with the intent of helping our customers find the perfect case for their application. The system was based on the philosophy of our purchasing department: to try to offer at least three choices of each product - a low-cost option, a mid-range option and a premium option, with additional choices added to the mid-range category whenever possible.

The trouble was that what was better for one customer was not necessarily better for another. There are many different reasons to choose a particular type of case and the rating system lost its meaning. So we are scrapping the rating system. From now on, we'll describe the features and benefits of each one and let you decided which case is best for you:
You Decide - We'll Provide. That's actually what Polyline has been about since we started back in 1972, so it makes sense to stick with what works. We'll continue to offer the widest variety of choices. You'll decide which is good, better or best for your needs.

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