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Polyline Adds Eco-Friendly Packaging

Polyline, the largest U.S. distributor of in-stock media packaging, announced it is adding Univenture’s EcoEndure PLA disc sleeves to its product line.

The EcoEndure PLA disc sleeve looks and feels like polypropylene, but it's made from EarthFirst PLA film, which uses corn kernels, an annually renewable resource, instead of petrochemicals. EarthFirst PLA film is compostable and is entirely environmentally friendly since it starts as a natural product and ends as a natural product with no impact on the environment.

Michael Schlobohm, Polyline's Director of Operations, said, "Polyline has been working hard to become an environmentally responsible company. In addition to searching for more environmentally friendly products, we've been changing the way we operate internally to reduce our company's carbon footprint."

One such change was the creation of the "Go Green Team," a committee of Polyline employees dedicated to coming up with ideas to help the environment and then implementing those ideas at the company's facilities in Elmhurst, IL, and Burbank, CA.

"Becoming good global citizens does not happen over night," said Schlobohm. "Each step we take diminishes our impact on the environment and it also brings to light more changes we can make."

Since the committee's formation in January, the Go Green Team has implemented several changes within Polyline:

  • Inter-office reports, which were previously printed on virgin paper, are now available via email or intranet.

  • Printed marketing materials are now printed on paper with 20% (or higher) post-consumer waste content.

  • In the lunch room, paper plates have been replaced with "real" tableware.

  • The company has started an educational campaign to discourage employees and managers from printing emails.

  • Polyline has begun an in-house recycling program for plastics, glass, paper and aluminum.

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