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Polyline Newsletter Gets New Name

After operating for more than 5 years under the generic title "Polyline Newsletter," the monthly e-newsletter has found a new moniker. Starting with the September 2008 issue, the publication will be called "polyNEWSline."

"We've been working hard to make the newsletter into something our customers look forward to seeing," said Stacy Strunk, eMarketing Coordinator. "Based on the feedback we've been receiving from our readers, I think we're moving in the right direction."

The newsletter began as an email sales flyer that updated customers on new products and sales items. Over the past couple years, polyNEWSline has began running feature articles and "newsletter exclusives," which are items that are only available through the newsletter or special discounts that are only available to newsletter subscribers.

"Now, with the addition of polyNEWSline's new Featured Customer section, everyone here at Polyline felt the newsletter has developed a real sense of identity," said Strunk. "I can think of no better way to acknowledge something's identity than giving it a name."

View the most current issue of the newsletter. To subscribe to polyNEWSline, visit Polyline's home page and enter your email address in the peach-colored box in the right column.

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