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Featured Customer: BeMitt Self Breast Exam Mitt

BeMitt Self Breast Exam Mitt Uses Packaging to Educate Consumers about Breast Cancer

The BeMitt is designed to encourage and improve self breast examinations. It fits on your hand and glides over your breast, reducing friction and enhancing sense of touch, allowing you increased sensitivity to detect irregularities.

Packaged in a Polyline MJBX Series jewel box (or "reusable plastic case" according to BeMitt's Web site), it comes with a trifold insert containing detailed instructions on how to properly perform a self breast exam and general information about breast cancer.

What we liked: The jewel case is not just a "package" but part of the product's features & benefits statement. Product inventor Beth Bromberg uses the trifold insert and Web site together to provide women with the education, technique and the resources for performing a thorough breast self-exam.

BeMitt's mission is to help fight breast cancer by educating the public and helping individuals with their self breast exams. This mission is reflected in the product design, promotional materials, Web site and in their product packaging. This company thinks "outside the CD Box" by using its packaging as a method to further educate their customers.

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