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How do you know you are getting a "real" Amaray brand DVD case?

Polyline is very particular about how and when it uses a product’s brand name. So, when Polyline uses the term "Amaray," we always mean an Amaray brand case as opposed to an Amaray-style case. But how can you be sure you are getting a true Amaray brand case?

1. Check the product description or ask your sales rep if the DVD case can be used on an automated line.
Because Amaray DVD cases are made from 100% virgin material, the cases are strong enough and consistent enough in size that they can be used on any automated line.

2. Check the shipping weight.
Because recycled plastics weigh less, Amaray DVD cases are heavier – around 67 grams per piece.

3. Look for the logo.
Ask for a sample of the DVD case you plan to order. Amaray cases have a unique, pattended push-button hub. And near this hub, you’ll find a stylized A logo embossed into the case. (The "A" doesn’t stand for Amaray. It’s the logo for "AGI" as in "AGI Amaray" and "AGI Media," the current patent holders for the hub design.) If you search further, you’ll also find the word "Amaray" embossed inside the case. This is usually located on the case’s binding.

4. Smell the difference.
If you are daring, you can also try sniffing the DVD case. Recycled plastics have a distinctive scent – kind of like burnt rubber. The more recycled content a DVD case has the more noticeable that scent becomes.

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